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Uganda Explorer: Palisa, Kampala and Murchison Falls

In December I visited Uganda with a group of my students from Vallekilde Folk High School. We were there to implement a project with the Uganda Red Cross Society. We ...


They say the first year is the worst

One year ago today, I woke up at the hospital. I had spent the night on a sofa in a visitors’ lounge with my brother sleeping next to me. The ...

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You can die if you want to

A little while back I had a painful conversation with my father. I told him that he could die. I was visiting him in his small room at the elderly ...

Reflections, love and all that jazz

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Forever restless

I often wonder if I will ever find peace of mind. It ...
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He is here but really gone

Is it possible to start grieving before you have actually lost someone? ...
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Locked in syndrom

I have been quiet for almost 7 months. At least on this ...

My childhood home

My childhood home will soon be gone. Soon it will be nothing ...

The first month without you

On the day you died it was grey and raining. The sky ...

Goodbye Mom

11 days ago I said goodbye to my mother. I said goodbye ...

What keeps you going?

When we are happy we don’t need a lot of motivation to ...
i want it all

Give me what I need – or I’ll find someone who will

  Sometimes I wonder why we create relationships with other people. Both ...
Amman Citadel

The Haiku Experiment #9

  Fragments Fragments, only fragments That is all I know of you ...

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From Arab hospitality to Danish dinner club


In November 2012 I participated in a local pitch-night in Copenhagen – giving a short inspirational speech about one of my current projects. The project I spoke about was a social experiment in the shape of a dinner club which I started back in 2010.

The project is called the Meet Me Dinner Club, and the idea was inspired by all the wonderful experiences I have had with hospitality and human curiosity while living and traveling in the Middle East.

In the Middle East I have met so much genuine curiosity and interest in getting to know me. Many people have opened their homes to me and invited a stranger in. I don’t think I really realized how much these meeting had affected me until I moved back to Denmark and faced a lot of closed doors.

The culture is different in Denmark, and meeting new people can be somewhat difficult here.

I wanted to create a space for the unsuspected meeting between strangers. A space for curiosity. A space for genuine interest. A space for sharing stories and experiences. And from that thought came the dinner club.

The Meet Me Dinner Club is a very simpel idea. You open up your home and invite a bunch of strangers home for dinner. You create a space for dialogue and the unsuspected meeting between people. And then people come. You eat together and share an evening talking and sharing stories. When the night is over you go your seperate ways. Maybe you will meet again, maybe you won’t. But either way you will always have the stories you shared.

You can read more about the Meet Me Dinner Club on the Facebook Page here (Only in Danish)

Here is the video of the speech I made (in Danish):

The colors of Danish winter

Welcome to the winter.







Fall in Denmark

Denmark is beautiful in the fall. So many colors everywhere.


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